Drinks and Snacks

HUGE VARIETY – including HEALTHY OPTIONS keep us ‘ahead of the pack’.

The Coke range, Pepsi range, Schweppes range, Juice, Flavoured Milk, Energy, Water, Smiths, Arnotts, Kettle, Cadbury, Health Bars, Cookies, Sweets etc etc... the list goes on. We also offer a range of delicious, microwaveable meals - great for team members who want something which is quick, nutritious and convenient.



Healthy Options

Our delicious range of convenient healthy options include all natural nut mixes from harvest box, nutritious bars from Go Natural, Vege chips and refreshing sugar free Kombucha.
Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten free options are also available.


Coffee Vending Machines

In Italy , using coffee capsules or pods has long been recognised as the superior system for making coffee. Lavazza BLUE defines the new frontier in espresso.
The coffee is perfectly ground and individually packed in a unique capsule to keep the coffee fresh. This new and sophisticated extraction system results in a perfect espresso every time.
Now this unique pod vending system from Lavazza is available in Australia.


Drink & Snack Vending Machines

Choose from our energy-efficient range of ultra-modern vending machines. Machines come in various sizes to suit your situation.


“We are the trusted vending partner to many small to very large public and private sector enterprises.”